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经过Robbie Carman、Patrick Inhofer及Richard Harrington三位评委近一周的专业、严谨评审,最终11部优秀作品从所有参赛作品(http://www.gaiamount.com/group/96)中脱颖而出,入围详情如下:
1. 最佳影片奖:影视梦想基金10万,入围作品如下:
2. 最佳导演奖:影视梦想基金5万,入围作品如下:
3. 最佳剧情奖:尊正LM-2141W,入围作品如下:
4. 最佳摄影奖:尊正LM-2141W,入围作品如下:
5. 最佳剪辑奖:尊正LM-2141W,入围作品如下:
6. 最佳视觉奖:尊正LM-2141W,入围作品如下:
Robbie Carman
Affectionhttp://www.gaiamount.com/video/12116Bad audio in interview is pretty distracting.  Camera work is great, may a little too much motion.  Some white balance issues through out the piece.  B-Camera on interview doesn't match A-Camera.
犀利哟http://www.gaiamount.com/video/12038Very filmic look. Some better shot balancing and shot matching in places would have helped, but I like the attempt to bring a sytlized feel to the piece.  LOVE the music. Sequence starting at 1:23 is great. Nice aerial work. Works well as a visual essay, nice pacing editing.  With a little clean up work this could be really good.  
http://www.gaiamount.com/video/11980consistent look and feel only a couple places that took me out of the 'flow' of the story.  Audio on 1st interview could have been louder/mixed better. Overall audio could have been mixed better - the second interview with older monk audio only was from right channel.  While I could read the subtitles, I think this was a straight ahead doc approach that works and I understood this to be a story about the young monks.  I felt like some music would have helped but thought the nat sound was very cool.  
Mediaranhttp://www.gaiamount.com/video/11879Wow this is stunning visually. It really is beautiful. Awesome grade.   Great job!  I just wish there was a little more variance with the visuals - lots of sunset stuff.  Great drone work.  

Patrick Inhofer
It was tough judging narratives against promotional pieces, especially in the ‘plot/script’ category. Clearly, drone photography is being extremely well executed. To stand out from the crowd drone DPs need to start thinking beyond sweeping wide shots and move us through and into landscapes - not just above them - if they want to stand out. There were many stunning time lapses, but the best executed where on rails and moved us through space, not just time. The weakness in these pieces is that they are montages with no story line. Cities are defined by people and drone photography alone rarely captures the close-up details of how people interact in their landscapes. Of the narratives, I really enjoyed the documentaries. The ones that scored best for me allowed the people to speak for themselves; gave us close detail of the work they do; and framed their subjects in interesting ways.

Richard Harrington
http://www.gaiamount.com/video/12120Great composition for shots.  Use of time and speed effects well motivated.  Some of the graphic wipes unneeded.  Music well chosen and matches edit well.
http://www.gaiamount.com/video/12084Great timelapse work.  Some shots could use more grading for contrast and depth.  Good choice of music and pacing.
http://www.gaiamount.com/video/12098Very good piece.  Excellent visuals.  Work to improve audio quality of interviews and try to avoid jum cuts.
Hadeshttp://www.gaiamount.com/video/11867Great images and choice in music.  Timelapse is well exposed and great composition.  Piece needs a narrative.
Alwyn Tayhttp://www.gaiamount.com/video/11897A compelling edit and well designed montage.  Good use of music and pacing. Would like to hear more sounds from enironments.





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yjz1212 发表于 2016-11-24 23:50 | 显示全部楼层
感谢Gaiamount 大家拍的都很棒值得学习
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